What is a loupe camera and where do I find one?

Details about using a loupe camera.

In every industry, there is necessary equipment required for operations. In the world of medicine, people have to be treated at all levels, sometimes including surgery. But surgeons and dentists are not naïve enough to carry out surgeries in just any manner. They will ensure safety first for the patient. Even if the risk is high, there should be healing and repair recorded for reference and future training purposes. As it is now, more people are surviving surgeries than what used to be the case years back. Credit should go to the advanced training and tech deployed in the surgery world. Loupe cameras have their role to play here.

What are loupecams?

In the laboratories, loupes are the microscopes used get the fine details. Well, there is no way a surgeon can have a microscope fixed to the head for hours till the operation is done. That is the idea that led to the invention of the incredible loupes. They are cameras with extra lens to bring the finer details closer to the eyes. A surgeon will see enlarged and clear images of structures during operation. Of course operations become easier when you can see all the way. The problem only arises when the images seen are not clear. The loupes will help in magnification of the real structures and the loupecam will aid in recording the surgery for future reference and training.

Benefits of loupe usage

Of course using a loupe cannot be compared without having something to compare it with. The statistics have it. Operations conducted with the help of loupes record a higher survival rate and efficiency than the ones with pathetic cameras. The impact of loupes is well recognized by the experts themselves. They won’t risk an operation without them on board. Here is what they do.

  • Eliminate light pollution – focus and exposure when capturing images are very crucial. Take the example of a dental surgery where there is lights focused on the mouth and yet the cameras have to be deployed for magnification and recording. The excessive light will mean unclear images. Seeing in difficulty is what the loupes prevent. They bring out the images as they are.
  • Added camera stability – surgical loupes will create additional contact point with the eyes. Camera shake will be prevented even when the loupes are held by the hands.
  • Adjustment for vision issues – loupes can even have diopters in them. These additions will support those with eye problems yet they have to carry out the shoot.

Loupe features

At this point in life, you can expect that loupe cameras are not what they used to be years back. They have additional and special features that fit in the surgical world and dentistry. Some of these features include;

  • Aluminium body – most of the manufacturers will produce full aluminium loupes. The reason behind that is to guarantee durability.
  • Lightweight – you don’t expect a surgeon to support the loupes for hours if they are a kg heavy. That’s why the loupes are designed to be lightweight. 16 grams is convenient to carry around.
  • Custom design – surgical operations do differ. There are those for the dentists and others for surgeons. Loupes are designed for each profession. Perfect focus is there for the dental loupes. Images can be seen to be 15mm near when they are 50mm near in real sense.
  • USB connectivity – it is the ideal form of connectivity in the recent times. Affordable loupecams are not left behind in tech. they have several USB ports for control pedal, windows compatibility, mac-based computer compatibility and much more. That will allow for HD video recording at a very high frame rate. You can share the images with smartphones and other gadgets at whatever location.
  • Wireless use – toughpads allow for wireless connectivity. Loupecams also have batteries that last long without depletion. You don’t have to keep them connected during operation. They can operate independently.

Advantages to the surgeons

With the right equipment, a surgeon is confident of quality services. In what way?

  • Personalized services – clients want to see what problems they are having and not theories. Sending the images to them at home will ensure personalized services.
  • Easy sharing – you can send images to other experts for analysis with ease.
  • Proper documentation – capturing images and storing them is easily done.
  • Proper imaging – you need not leave out anything. Capture all the details you need to as the capacity in loupes is more than enough.

Where do I find an affordable loupe camera?

If you do a search on the World Wide Web, you will get a plethora of results.  So, after doing some of the research for you, FlyWire Cameras offers a small inexpensive loupe camera kit.  You can also check them out here. The camera is adaptable enough to use for many purposes, so you really get your money’s worth.  To get an idea of how to use the loupecam, take a look at this You Tube video:

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